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This is What an Igbo Man Said About Nnamdi Kanu

This is What an Igbo Man Said About Nnamdi Kanu

As seen On Facebook …This is What an Igbo Man Said About Nnamdi Kanu

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By Jones Fcc Onwuasoanya

Nnamdi Kanu is nothing but a Judaist preacher and propagandist, deploying Biafra as a bait to convert as many Igbos as he can to the Jewish religion. He is already succeeding in converting the gullible, without their knowing it.

He is also a political opportunist looking for the shortest cut to political relevance and power. Today, he has got a lot of deceitful Igbo politicians making him look important. Nnamdi Kanu is today, the Chief campaigner for some politicians, especially for the PDP and other politically displaced politicians.

Kanu is also jobless, yet looking for the easy way to quick cash and he is said to be getting a lot of this cash. Haven’t you heard that for any politician to pay him a visit and get a picture with him, he charges some millions? Governor Obiano of Anambra State is alleged to have given the Afara born guy man, 50,000 Dollars and two brand new SUVs.
Who is deceiving who?

Posted by on May 29, 2017.

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